Companies are becoming increasingly aware of their climate responsibility and their obligation to act. Not only is the regulatory pressure increasing, but also do customer expectations!

In the long run, the decarbonization of the value chain and the products are not only crucial for the future competitiveness but also essential for the survival of the company!

To address these challenges, an integrated and holistic decarbonization roadmap imbedded in the business and implicitly in the sustainability strategy is the compulsory approach.

Essential steps of a decarbonization roadmap include GHG footprint assessment, identification of reduction potentials along the entire value chain and beyond company boundaries, prioritization of measures by assessing their impact vs. the required investment, elaboration of an encompassing reduction program and implementation of strategic initiatives as well as progress tracking and hands-on internal and external communication

A comprehensive CO2 strategy, from calculating the CO2 balance to implementing a credible roadmap, corroborates your commitment and credibility to achieve the net zero 2050 goals and gives your company an attractive and sustainable positioning to secure your future.

We will gladly support you in developing the concepts as an element to the corporate and sustainability strategy.

CO₂ Footprint & Compliance

Measure Your Carbon Footprint

Carbon footprint calculation is the initial and essential step to initiate your decarbonization roadmap by assessing the level of your greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and by becoming aware of significant sources, constituting the basis for future reductions on your journey to achieve your climate goals, the intermediary 2030 goals and/or the 2050 net zero.

Our approach

Calculation of the Corporate Carbon Footprint (CCF) or Product Carbon Footprint (PCF) according to international standards (Greenhouse Gas (GHG) Protocol) using a calculation software for simple data collection and report generation, to fulfill ESG, GRI or CSRD requirements in accordance with the EU Taxonomy

CarbonCaaS supports your organization in a collaborative effort by – depending on your call –  empowering, coaching or disburdening your team to calculate your carbon footprint and check your compliance against regulatory requirements

Ensure your compliance and show your commitment to meeting climate goals

The tightening of reporting regulations, based on the introduction of new SFDR and CSRD regulations, imposes to organizations like yours to become compliant with the reporting. An additional burden in an already challenging competitive environment!

CarbonCaaS adheres to a pragmatic approach. We help you disburden your team and support in

  • the forthcoming workload for data collection, data compilation and emission calculation.
  • the generation of the reports in conformity withthe respectively applicable reporting requirements
  • the verifying of the enterprise compliance with ESG and CSRD regulations.
  • the elaboration, the implementation and the balancing of the challenging measures required to comply with and achieve the climate targets.

The status report, an essential reference on the path to decarbonization, should be embedded in the company’s long-term strategic plan, with recommendations, with measures and their implementation documentation in order to demonstrate progress in achieving climate goals, and to highlight the entire effort through targeted awareness raising.

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Case Financials

The decarbonisation roadmap correlates with a commitment of the company’s resources and therefore stands for an important investment in the future of the company with drastic effects on the future process layout as well as the use of resources in terms of costs, energy and time.

In order to optimise the use of resources and achieve the best Invest-to-Impact return, CarbonCaaS offers its services in developing the solutions by supporting you in

  • the economic evaluation and prioritisation of measures.
  • the development of decarbonisation scenarios.
  • the valuation, breakdown and allocation of allowances based on the developed economic model and the directives.
  • the preparation of the business cases and the investment decision.
  • the application for funding.

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Case Management

The commitment to climate action and the successful realization of climate measures have a vital impact on the future success of your company.

Therefore, actively driving the initiatives, embedding the decarbonisation journey in the corporate strategy and securing the management attention are essential building blocks.

CarbonCaaS supports you to bring your decarbonisation project to success within the set objectives and to exploit the full potential by

  • elaborating the decarbonisation roadmap with achievable targets and measurable milestones.
  • integrating the project. initiatives into the PMO.
  • budgeting and cost monitoring.
  • managing and monitoring the implementation.
  • validating the methodology as well as securing the recognition and balancing of the allowances.
  • implementing the measures prescribed by the CRCF (Carbon Removal Certification Framework) as well as updating the carbone  reporting based on the achieved progress.
  • fostering internal communication and the change culture to ensure the successful implementation of the measures and the enhancement of employee motivation.
  • ensuring public recognition of the measures through external communication and active marketing.

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