The Enduring Approach

With the CO2 footprint analysis in hand, the company has established the basis to comprehend the sources and root causes of GHG emissions as a starting point for the decarbonisation journey.

Curtailing options for achieving the desired reductions in or the avoidance of greenhouse gas emissions should be identified on this premise and planned as well as implemented consequently. Not causing emissions at all or minimising them should be the first step and keynote behind any initiative.

CarbonCaaS will gladly support you in this endeavour.

With our structured and systematic approach, we assist you in identifying, evaluating, prioritising and implementing potentials along the entire value chain and beyond company boundaries.

The analysis and evaluation of the potentials are based on economic, technical and ecological aspects and, when prioritising the measures and making decisions, the focus lays on a trustworthy assessment of investments, the resources tied up and, ultimately, the invest-to-impact ratio.

Each of the selected measures contributes to achieving the overall goal, be it as a quick win, as an incremental step or as a bigwin using a disruptive approach such as the HYNOCA® solution. The earlier the measure is identified and the gentler the intervention, the less effort is required!

Formulating concrete measures to reduce GHG emissions based on the priorities identified in the analysis, developing clear implementation plans for the operational and organisational implementation, defining checkpoints for implementation and for operational day-to-day performance achievements is part of our support and the focus of the preventive approach.

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The Invasive Procedure

If all options for suppressing or avoiding emissions using current technological and economically viable processes are exhausted and the generation of GHG emissions is inevitable, the technical capture and disposal (CCUS) of GHG exhaust gases can prove to be a your solution.

CarbonCaaS will gladly support you in the evaluation and implementation of capturing solutions in order to avoid GHG emissions into the atmosphere with higher overall follow-up costs.

CarbonCaaS supports you in your endeavour to select and implement the appropriate solution for the capture of CO2 from point sources, i.e. covering the entire undertaking from the conceptual design to the realisation of the end-to-end process.

The support to your initiative can encompass the following work packages:

  • Concept & technology assessment
  • Development of the required gas treatment solution depending on the selected disposal option
  • Feasibility study & basic engineering
  • Technical and economic evaluation of the solution and application for authorisations and funding, support for solution approval and certification
  • Technical specification & detailed engineering
  • Technology assessment & vendor selection
  • Implementation of the solution
  • Ramp-up

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Caching & Channelling

The capture of GHG emissions done, the journey to caching & channelling is set to be getting underway.

As part of the “one-stop-shop” approach, CarbonCaaS also offers disposal of the captured CO2 emissions or supports this item on your agenda.

Based on the underlying conditions and potentially the selected disposal option, CarbonCaaS organises and implements the collection of the captured gas mixture.

Whether you already have an idea on the utilisation option or have decided to outsource the entire end-to-end process from capture-to-disposal (CCUS) to a third party, CarbonCaaS will take care of the collection, caching and channelling through to the disposal solution on your behalf as your outsourcing partner.

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As the last stage in the chain of custody, but nevertheless the most important part of the “one-stop-shop” approach, CarbonCaaS offers solutions for the disposal of the captured CO2 gas mixture, where technically and economically feasible.

Depending on the client’s strategy and/or possibilities, various offtake options can be considered and evaluated.

Depending on the customer’s strategic preferences and/or available options, CarbonCaaS channels the captured CO2 towards offtake solutions with the objective to value and recycle the captured CO2 for usage in various industries.

Should, as an outcome of the evaluation of disposal options, the reconversion and utilisation of CO2 for the production of renewable energy sources, for example, prove to be technically and economically viable, CarbonCaaS can support the implementation of this removal strategy on your behalf or orchestrate it as part of the outsourcing.

As a further and final solution for the disposal of CO2, CarbonCaaS can support you in your efforts to dispose of the captured CO2 through sequestration in sinks or can orchestrate the latter for you.

For each of these solutions, whether on a mandate or outsourcing basis, CarbonCaaS can take on the following work packages as part of the support:

  • Identification of technical and financial options
  • Planning and implementation of the solution, including control measures
  • Negotiation of contractual agreements
  • Validation of the applicable methodology for the recognition and certification of the disposal solution
  • Annual review of settlement and compliance
  • Management and administration of conditions and allowances

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